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LCD KVM Switches Series

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Product Specifications:

KVM-1150/1170 integrates 15” or 17” LCD, keyboard, touchpad and 1U high rack mountable kit with slide rail. It is characterized by it easy installation rack mount kit, which streamlines the rack mounting process, making it easy for a single person to accomplish in a short time.
Setup is fast and easy; plugging cables into their appropriate ports is all that is entailed picture.

Product Characteristics:

  • Port selection via pushbutton and OSD
  • Daisy Chain style, more 31pcs KVM at most 512 pcs computers under management.
  • Security Mode (Password Setting)
  • Built in Keyboard (104 Keys), Touchpad
  • The slide rail pushing with unlock automatically function
  • Less than 1U rack mountable
  • Support operation system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, LINUX

KVM Table 1:


KVM Table 2:


Ordering Information:

Product Code Product Description
KVM-11716 19" LCD 17" Screen + 16 port Switch + 16 * 1.8 m cable PS2
KVM-1178 19" LCD 17" Screen + 8 port Switch + 8 * 1.8 m cable PS2
KVM-1171 19" LCD 17" Screen + 1 port Switch + 1 * 1.8 m cable PS2
KVMCBL-C1000 Cable PS2 & USB for KVM Length = 10m
KVMCBL-C500 Cable PS2 & USB for KVM Length = 5m
KVMCBL-C300 Cable PS2 & USB for KVM Length = 3m
KVMCBL-C180 Cable PS2 & USB for KVM Length = 1.8m

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