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Schucko Outlets

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IEC60309 plug (32A 2P+E)
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Product Introduction:

  • All Syslink PDUs are designed according to international standards. They have modularized structure that can be manudactured according to customer's technological requirements.
  • They are applicable to the 482.6mm (19") standard and non standard cabinet which can occupy a space of only 1U.
  • The PDUs have passed the authoritative international organization's safety testing and certification, according to the regulations of European Union RoHS directive.
  • The PDUs are equipped with supply socket modules meeting different systems and standards in the world, which puts the product in a rather advantageous position to satisfy clients in each country or region.

Product Specification:

  • Socket Type: DIN49440 Socket [12]
  • Socket Quantity: 12 Vertical Mounted
  • Power Input: Left end single input
  • Bracket Install: Frontal installation
  • Cable with plug: IEC60309 plug (32A 2P+3)
  • Control Function: Special controlling function
  • Protection Function: No protection function
  • Cable specification: 3x6.0mm2 x 3m
  • Product Size: LxWxH = 950x44.4x62mm
  • Mounting Length: 922mm (12 sockets); 465mm (6 sockets)
  • Case Length: 894mm (12 sockets) and 426.5mm (6 sockets); black color
  • Rating voltage: 250V AC 50/60HZ
  • Rating current: 32A;
  • Max power: 4000W

Ordering Information:

Product Code Product Description
PDU632 6 Shucko outlet, 32A Circuit Breaker 32A; 19"; 3m cable
PDU832AM 8 Shucko outlet, 32A Circuit Breaker 32A; 3m cable; ammeter
PDU832IP 8 Shucko outlet, 32A; IP
PDU1232 12 Shucko outlet, 32A Circuit Breaker 32A; 3m cable; Vertical
PDU1232AM 12 Shucko outlet, 32A Circuit Breaker 32A; AMMETER
PDU1532AM-C13 15 IEC320, 32A; AMMETER
Brochure PDU632
Brochure PDU832AM
Brochure PDU832IP
Brochure PDU1532AM-C13
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